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Welcome to the Donation Landing Page for the "Empowering Local Journalism: Strengthening Our Community Voice" campaign! 


Your support is crucial in ensuring that Cumberland County and the surrounding area continue to have access to reliable and comprehensive local news coverage. By making a donation to the CityView News Fund, you can help strengthen our community's voice and empower our residents with the information they need. 

Why Donate? 

  • Sustain Local News: Your contribution will directly support CityView News Fund in our mission to help provide high-quality local journalism.  
  • Expand Coverage: With your help, we can broaden the scope of CityView's reporting, delving deeper into government institutions, public services, and the issues that impact our daily lives. 
  • Foster Engagement: By supporting local journalism, you're encouraging transparency, accountability, and community dialogue.  

Looking for other ways to give? Click here to see the different ways we accept gifts.

How Does Your Donation Make a Difference? 

  • Matching Grant Challenge: Thanks to the Innovative Program for Community Progress and Dr. Lucile Hutaff Community Advancement Fund of Cumberland Community Foundation, Inc., every dollar you donate to CityView News Fund will be matched, up to $50,000, during the first year. Your impact will be multiplied, making your contribution go even further! 
    • To read more about this matching grant, click here.
  • Building Sustainable News: Your donation will help create a sustainable future for local journalism, ensuring that our community has a reliable and independent source of news for years to come. 
  • Strengthening Community Voice: By empowering CityView News Fund, you're amplifying the voices of our residents, enhancing civic engagement, and working towards a more informed and connected community. 

Other Ways to Help: 

  • Join the Challenge: Partner with us in our fundraising journey by clicking the "I want to fundraise for this" button on this page. Together, we can make a significant impact! 
  • Spread the word: Be a catalyst for change! Help us amplify our campaign and mission by sharing it with your friends and family, both in person and across your social media platforms. Together, we can create a ripple effect of awareness and inspire others to join our cause. Spread the word today and make a difference! 
  • Volunteer: Join us on Oct. 12 from 6 to 9 p.m. at Cape Fear Botanical Garden for CityView's Food, Wine and Art event. Click here to volunteer!

Join us today by making a donation or supporting our cause and become an ambassador of local journalism. Together, we can create a brighter future for Cumberland County! 

Remember, every contribution counts. Your generosity will directly impact the quality of news and information available to our community. Thank you for your support!