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Stories about the CityView News Fund

CityView News Fund had 900 people contribute in last year, averaging $254 per donation.

What our donors are saying:

Appreciate all that you do for our community.
Appreciate what you do!
Born and raised in Fayetteville and Cumberland County but have not lived in the area since 1999. CityView is the best in delivering news covering the area. Congrats!
Cheering for the CityView team!
CityView is a wonderful way of staying current on what is going in our community and beyond with reliable and fact filled information. We are fortunate to have this valuable resource.
CityView is my go-to local news source.
Donation in support of a great local magazine.
Fayetteville news is too "one sided," gave up on the Fayetteville Observer soon after it got bought out and dropped majority of it's local coverage.
Great job!
Happy to support the excellent staff members who work hard to serve the Fayetteville community.
I appreciate the fact that CityView delivers the news without an agenda.
I enjoy CityView and want it to continue to flourish.
I enjoy reading your view of the news each morning and especially Bill Kirby and his writing.
I like the fact that telling the truth is the agenda of CityView.
I was born and raised in Fayetteville, but have been away, except for family visits, nearly 40 years.  I read CityView online daily in order to keep up with events "back home".  Thanks for the great job that y'all do!  
Keep up the good work! Communication is the key to understanding.
Keep up the good work!!
Keep up the OUTSTANDING work. More donations will be coming.
Like to see increased coverage of corruption in city government.
Love CityView, first email I read every day. Left Fayetteville in 2020 after 61 years (finally). Thanks for keeping me informed.
Love the format of this publication and happy to support.
So grateful for all you are doing for this community that we love!! Stay strong!!
Thank everyone for letting the older generation know what is going on in our local government and the world.
Thank you for being the best publication in Fayetteville, NC - maybe in the entire state!
Thank you for covering Fayetteville and surrounding areas.  And thank you for reporting the news rather than making the news!
Thank you for keeping the Fayetteville community up to date on the real news.
Thank you for your continued investment in Fayetteville and our quality of life.
Thank you for your coverage of the local news, events, and obituaries. Nice to keep up with the area after moving out of state.
Thanks for all you do.
Thanks for the work you do. It's very important.
Thanks for your hard work!!!!!!!
Thanks to the CityView staff for all you do to make Fayetteville a better place to live.
What a great service, thank you.
You represent quality, consistency, and transparency. Keep it up!
Your staff is doing a great job and I look forward to each day's report.