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Fayetteville Government


At a glance:
• Fayetteville is the sixth-largest city in North Carolina with a population of about 211,000 people.
• It is home to Fort Bragg, the largest military installation by population in the nation.
• Fayetteville is named after French Gen. Marquis de Lafayette, remembered for fighting for America in the Revolutionary War.
• The diverse community is 45% white, 42% Black, and 6% of two or more races.

Fayetteville City Council
The Fayetteville City Council consists of nine council members and the mayor. Council members are elected from districts to two-year terms. The mayor is elected at large. All the seats are up for election in July 2022.

The mayor acts as the official head of city government and presides at City Council meetings. The mayor is a voting member of the council who appoints council members to City Council committees and liaison positions.

Mayor Mitch Colvin, 910-433-1992, MitchColvin@FayettevilleNC.gov

Kathy Jensen, District 1, Mayor pro tem, 910-433-1992, kathyjensen@fayettevillenc.gov

Shakeyla Ingram, District 2, 910-973-0256, shakeylaingram@fayettevillenc.gov

Antonio Jones, District 3, AntonioJones@FayettevilleNC.gov

D.J. Haire, District 4, 910-574-5399, djhaire@fayettevillenc.gov

Johnny Dawkins, District 5, 910-433-1992, johnnydawkins@fayettevillenc.gov

Chris Davis, District 6, 910-433-1992, christopherdavis@fayettevillenc.gov

Larry Wright, District 7, 910-433-1992, larrywright@fayettevillenc.gov

Courtney Banks-McLaughlin, District 8, 910-433-1992, CourtneyBanksMclaugh@fayettevillenc.gov

Yvonne Kinston, District 9, 910-433-1992yvonnekinston@fayettevillenc.gov

Doug Hewett, city manager, 910-433-1990, DougHewett@FayettevilleNC.gov

Gina Hawkins, police chief, 910-433-1898, GinaVHawkins@fayettevillenc.gov

City of Fayetteville
433 Hay St., Fayetteville, NC 28301
Phone: 910-433-1329

Fayetteville Government, City Council